This stone giant was an outcast from his tribe. Is quest for magic lead him to accidentally stubble upon an accent Thassilonian Library which survived the Earthfall. The secrets discovered allowed the giant to find the location of the sleeping Runelord, Karzoug. The spirit of Karzoug entered Mokmourian’s body and he used the stone giant as a vessel to carry out his orders. Mokmourian began assembling an army of giants and was sent to Sandpoint to locate an accent artifact believed to be buried within the runes of the ‘Old Lighthouse’. During the first raid on Sandpoint your group was quick to repel the giants. You followed them back to the Black Tower. It was here you killed Mokmourian with the aid of Conna The Wise. It was also here you revealed to the world the discovery of the ancient Thassilonian Library.


His Story

In stone giant society, those born with an innate magical ability are often marked. Although these markings border on deformities, the stone giant gifted with sorcerers power can expect a role of honor and power in his tribe. The disadvantage of unsightly crystalline growths on the skin or a diminished physical stature are outweighed by the increase in social status and respect. When the stone giant Mokmurian was born, his parents were thus pleased with his diminutive stature. Mokmurian grew slowly, and as he became a young adult he stood barely more than ten feet tall. His parents and kin waited anxiously for him to develop the magical powers his deformity promised, yet Mokmurian had asecret he dared not reveal. He knew he had no burgeoning inborn magical ability. He knew he was nothing more than an unsightly runt. And he knew that when he reached full adulthood without developing the gifts of the elders or sorcerous talent he would be shamed and likely exiled.

So Mokmurian fell to study, secretly poring over the texts of spellbooks taken from adventurers or taboo magical writings preserved in stone from the days of Thassilon. It took him years, but eventually the self-taught wizard mastered the art of magic. Casting spells as a wizard but hiding his need to study, he successfully posed as a sorcerer to his tribe for nearly three decades. It wasn’t until he took a wife that his charade collapsed, for when she discovered his hidden spellbooks, she confronted Mokmurian in rage and shame. In desperation, he killed her with his magic, but before he could conceal his crime, his tribe’s elders found out. They burnt his books, censured him as a traitor, and exiled him into the wild. Humiliated, enraged, and alone, Mokmurian wandered the Storval Plateau.

Forced to conserve his prepared spells for emergencies and harried constantly by stone giant hunters and scouts, Mokmurian decided to seek solace in one of his people’s taboo lands—the Vale of the Black Tower. This ancient Thassilonian ruin held memories of his people’s slavery, and the giants avoided it as a result. Mokmurian found the place to be strangely soothing, and when he discovered not only a network of caves below the site, but an ancient library of Thassilonian lore, he knew he had finally found home.


Your group exploring Mockmourian’s chamber below the Black Tower.


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