The Scribbler

When Mokmourian was defeated at the sight of Jorgenfist by your group, a powerful energy was released. The energy was actually used by the slumping Runelord and acted as a finally trigger for his awakening. The eruption did not go unnoticed by the gods, either. When the sudden rush of magic surged through a site once sacred to her worship, Lamashtu reacted instantly. From her lair in the Abyss, she was able to use the rush of energy as a beacon for her own powers—and when she cast her triple gaze over the region, she saw the unquiet spirit of one of her greatest (and most ancient) minions—the Thassilonian thaumaturge Xaliasa, known in his final days as the Scribbler. No sooner did Lamashtu sense his troubled spirit haunting the region than the magical eruption began to abate, and before the link vanished, Lamashtu infused the Scribbler with her divine grace. She resurrected him as a divine guardian of her ancient temple, charging the Scribbler not only with its protection, but also with its reawakening.

Key To Runeforge

When the Scribbler was confronted he was eager to brag about how he discovered the key to entering Runeforge, as well as its location, but this is one piece of information he’s unwilling to directly share. He might, however, note that he has hidden the map to Runeforge and the key to its door in the writings on the walls of this shrine. Your characters discovered the poem and deciphered it’s location to be near Rimeskull.



The Scribbler rose from a pool of unholy water in an ancient shrine to Lamashtu deeper still than the Catacombs of Wrath below the town of Sandpoint. Although his resurrection granted him new powers, as a divine guardian he was unable to travel far from the site of his rebirth.

When the Scribbler first woke from his 10,000 years of death as a divine guardian of Lamashtu’s shrine, he knew, as soon as he discovered that leaving the shrine caused him pain, that he needed to build up guardians and minions who were not so hindered. His first attempt to summon such a minion was via a planar ally spell—to his great surprise and delight, Lamashtu answered his request for aid by sending a glabrezu named Yaenit-Ku. The Scribbler took this as a sign that Lamashtu’s designs on the region are of great importance, and rightly so, but for now the Mother of Monsters has chosen to keep her plans for the Lost Coast a secret.

The Scribbler

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