Thassilon Library

Located about 800 feet below the Black Tower, this hidden library was once accessible from that tower, but the tunnels that connected them have long since collapsed.

The Therassic wizard-monks who attended this library were not directly affiliated with Runelord Karzoug, although they paid regular tithes to him. Their true loyalties lay with the Peacock Spirit, a god of scholars whose purpose was a closely guarded secret even from many of his worshipers— only the most devout knew his true name. The monks, scholars, and wizards who dwelt in the Therassic Monastery trafficked with creatures of aberrant appetites, devils and strange creatures now lost to arcane knowledge. Over the years, much of the rest of their works have crumbled, but this section of their monastery, warded by the same preservative magic that protects all of Varisia’s Thassilonian monuments from erosion and decay, has remained intact for all those centuries. Now and then, the works here are discovered again by explorers and tomb robbers, but most of them perish to the menacing guardians that still occupy the halls. It wasn’t until Mokmurian that someone demonstrated sufficient wizardly power to claim the priceless wisdom held within these halls.

The workmanship of these tunnels is distinctly different than the tunnels above or the giantcraft of Jorgenfist itself. Ceiling heights in the library average at 10 feet in the hallways but rise to vaulted roofs 20 feet high in the chambers themselves. In several places, the ancient preservative magic has faded, causing sections of the library to crumble and cave in.


The Library Chamber

Numerous glowing crystal lanterns hang on fine chains from the domed ceiling sixty feet above, filling this circular room with bright light. The walls of the room are carved with more runes and sigils, while over- stuffed wood and leather chairs and polished oak tables surround a thirty-foot-wide shaft in the floor.

This room contains the collected lore of the Therassic wizard- monks, one of Thassilon’s greatest and most respected orders of scholars. The wizard-monks went to great effort to protect the monastery above this chamber and the rooms that surround it, but the bulk of these preservation efforts were focused in this chamber. In this room, the passage of time has no effect upon inanimate objects. Living creatures still age, but paper, leather, wood, stone, and even dead bodies do not decay—they remain forever pristine and new. The same effects constantly recycle and need is time—and until Mokmurian is dealt with, any long-term research done here is doomed to painful interruptions when the stone giant wizard eventually comes to call.

The Clockwork Librarian

ClockWorkLibrarian.jpegOne remnant from Thassilon remains alive in this chamber—a curious clockwork creature built by the wizard-monks to serve as a caretaker, sorter, and assistant for those who wished to use the library. Unfortunately, while the clockwork librarian does not age, it technically counts as a living creature and as a result is not subject to the preservative nature of the magic in this chamber. Over the ten thousand years it spent here, alone, it became relatively able at repairing itself, but with each bout of self-repair, it grows a little more unhinged and confused. Today, parts of it constantly smoke, its limbs creak and whir, and it has grown increasingly paranoid about losing the key that winds it up.

The clockwork librarian clatters and smokes to life when it notices anyone enter the room and hobbles over to greet them in an ungainly lurch (one of its three legs doesn’t quite work right any more). It addresses newcomers in Thassilonian, asking “Which volume of lore would you like me to retrieve for you? There are currently 24,491 volumes, scrolls, pamphlets, and unbound manuscripts available. Please indicate which one you wish by author, title, subject, or date of acquisition by the Therassic Monastery.”

A Great Historical Find

With the destruction of Mokmurian and the cleaning of the caves of monsters by your adventuring group, the vast knowledge stored within this Library is now available for scholars all throughout the realms.

Thassilon Library

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