Sihedron Rune

sihedron.jpegThe Sihedron is a seven-pointed star that symbolizes the power of Thassilonian magic. Xin created the Sihedron as more than just a symbol of his power over the schools of magic he’d defined for his nation, though. It was initially meant to be a badge of his power over all of Thassilon, and a symbol of the unified nature of the nation’s peoples. Each of the Sihedron’s arms is made of a different skymetal, symbolizing how the nation of Thassilon was made of different races—Azlanti, Varisian, Shoanti, giant, elf, and others. Xin went further than merely making the Sihedron a symbol of harmony and diversity, though, and built into its functionality significant advantages when the artifact is shared among a number of allies. The powers granted by the Sihedron are greatest when it is used not by a lone individual, but by a group that works together toward a common goal, and whose members trust each other enough to effortlessly pass control of the powerful item between themselves swiftly and without a second thought.

Alas, Xin’s ideals for the diversity of Thassilon were misplaced, and even as his rule continued, he found himself increasingly paranoid and unwilling to share the powers granted by the Sihedron. The fact that the item was intended to be a powerful shared artifact but has never properly been used in this manner is one of the greatest ironies of Thassilon.

The Sihedron itself is a relatively plain-looking item. The seven different hues of its composite metals help to give it some color, but the artifact lacks any of the decorative runes and markings that are so common on other Thassilonian artifacts. Even the artifact itself, built in the image of the sign of Lissala and the rune for the Thassilonian schools of magic, seems somewhat plain, lacking the Sihedron rune’s distinctive hooklike shapes along its arms. In fact, these hooks are represented in the device by the placement of the seven ioun stone receptacles.

Once the Sihedron is activated, it glows with a warm yellow light that sheds illumination as if via a daylight spell. To activate the Sihedron, a person need only touch the center of the star where all seven arms meet and concentrate as a swift action—the Sihedron immediately rises up into the air behind the user’s head like a halo and floats along behind him wherever he goes, even teleporting along with him. Although the Sihedron is not in physical contact with the user, it is in all ways treated as if it were an attended object being held or carried. The Sihedron implants knowledge of all its powers and how to activate them into the mind of anyone who activates it in this way.

Sihedron Rune

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