Nualia Tobyn was a aasimar foundling, raised by Ezakien Tobyn, the head pastor for the Varisian town of Sandpoint. She was recently found to have planned and executed a raid on the town by local goblin tribes. Although these attacks failed, she was eventually tracked down to the island-fortress of Thistletop, where she met her death by a newly formed adventuring group. The group consisted of Raehartha, Wolf, Dogen, Gorgoroth and Hell-Firian.


Her Story

As an early teen she discovered a secret entrance to series of catacombs below Sandpoint. She used the catacombs as a secret meeting location with her boyfriend. It was within the catacombs she became pregnant and in doing so sealed not only her fate, but the fate of countless others. The sexual act performed within the ancient temple caused an evil to posses Nualia. In time, she would then become a devoute servant to Lamashtu.

Nine months later with the birth of her deformed and monstrous baby, Nualia was confined to the church for her blasphemous act. Her baby was killed and the event was never to be spoken of. Nualia’s evil intent grew over the years as she planned for the destruction of Sandpoint and sacrificing of it’s citizens to the Mother of Monsters.

Five years later, Nualia orchestrated a raid on Sandpoint by a local goblin tribe. This was a diversion for her true intent was to take her foster father’s remains from the Sandpoint Boneyard and burned them in a dark rite to Lamashtu to complete her transformation. These event dragged your group into the events we now call, the Rise of the Runelords. She would later fall under the sword of Dogen and Hell-Furian who confronted the transformed Nualia and brought peace to her soul.



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