Fey are supernatural creatures originating in the First World. They include Dryad, Pixie, Sprite, Nymph and many more. These creates are rare in the Material Plane preferring to avoid contact with non-Fey.


Your Contact With The Fey

Reahartha came into contact with a male Pixie who told a story of a slain nymph princess. She was killed by Ogers during an attach on Fort Rannick. The nymph fell in love with the Fort’s commander after he discovered a portal to their world in the Mushfens. Distraught the nymph followed the Ogers into the mountains but was caught, tortured and killed. The nymph’s ghost haunted the Mushfens and her anger grew, poisoning the land. You entered the world of the Fey and confronted the ghost. She promised if you returned both her remains and the remains of her lover to the First Wold her spirit could rest. You group succeeded in doing just that.


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