Turtleback Ferry

Your Story

When your group was tasked with investigating why Fort Rannick went dark the small town of Turtleback Ferry was the last stop on the edge of the wilderness. The town is a small town comprised of hunters and fishermen. The inhabitants are hardworking and honest people but live under the shadow of Hook Mountain. The densely forested region and stony peaks are home to aggressive tribes of Ogres.


Turtleback Ferry came under the nominal control of the city of Magnimar in about 4662 AR, even though it is geographically closer to Korvosa. The village had already been well established by that point, but was looking for additional protection from marauding ogres and ogrekin. The lord-mayor had nearby Fort Rannick built for this purpose, bringing in the Order of the Black Arrows to man it and lead the offensive against the threats of the region.

With the help of the rangers, the ogres of Hook Mountain were decisively defeated in 4662 AR in the Valley of Broken Trees.

What Happened

Under direction of the foreign stone giant leader Barl Breakbones and the insidious control of the nefarious lamia matriarch Lucrecia, Turtleback Ferry and the keep of Fort Rannick came under renewed threat in 4707 AR. Seeing the rangers of the fort as a threat to the planned giant invasion’s weapon and armor production on Hook Mountain, ogres and ogrekin attacked and occupied the fort, killing the members of the order to nearly the last man. With the help of a group of heroes sent my the lord-mayor of Magnimar, the fort was retaken and the threat of Hook Mountain eliminated.

It the same time the ogres were able to damage the dam of Skull’s Crossing enough to nearly cause a damaging flood of Turtleback Ferry, and setting the antediluvian creature known as Black Magga loose on the town. It too was defeated by the Magnamarian heroes.


Nation Varisia
Region Magnimar
Size Village
Population 430
Demographics 91% human, 5% gnome, 4% halfling
Government Conventional (mayor)
Alignment Lawful neutral
Leader Mayor Maelin Shreed

Turtleback Ferry

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