Skull's Crossing

Skull’s Crossing is the name of the massive arch dam that holds back the water of the Storval Deep, releasing a steady stream into the Skull River. Located in central Varisia it is an ancient ruin from the Thassilonian era over 10,000 years ago.

Your group encountered a band of Ogres attempting to destroy the dam to release the waters of the Stroval Deep upon the various towns, farms and cities downstream. This would result in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents. Your group put a quick end to their plans.


Death of Dogen

It was within the ancient Thassilonian damn that Dogen was killed during hand-to-hand combat battling several Trolls which took refuge with the damn. Exploration deep within the damn lead to the discovery of how the damn has continued to work for thousands of years after its construction was completed. Powering the damn’s spillways was done through demonic power. More specifically, a minor demon was magically captured and bound within a tiny cell deep in the bowels of the damn. His power was slowly drained over the eons to power the damn which continues to function today. Desperate to escape his prison, the demon attempted to make a deal with Reahartha to help raise Dogen from the dead. No deal was made and your group would have to bring Dogen’s body to Magnimar in order to raise him from the dead.


Skull’s Crossing was the final great work of engineering completed by the enslaved giants of the runelord Karzoug. Most of the stone quarried to build the many monuments and cities all over the Thassilonian empire was taken from a single gigantic quarry on what is now the Stroval Plateau. When this source was finally played out, Karzoug decided to do away with such a hideous eyesore, and had the dam built. That way the water of the river would cover the huge empty hole, and ordered that the damn be decorated by one of his favorite symbols, the human skull

Skull's Crossing

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