The is the town where we started our adventure back in 2007! It was here goblins attacked the town while you were visiting. There is a detailed map of Sandpoint within the “Maps” section on the far left side of this page.


In terms of the the game, the year was 4707 when we started. The world we explore is called Golarion and the region is called Varisia. It is within Varisia our story will unfold.

More On Sandpoint

Resting in a natural cove along the cliff-lined Lost Coast region of Varisia, on the edge of the Varisian Gulf, Sandpoint is a medium-sized town that exemplifies the varied people of the land. While only about fifty miles northeast of the city of Magnimar, and technically under its rule, Sandpoint benefits from its isolated location in its ability to remain fairly autonomous. The most notable feature of the town is the ruined lighthouse that stretches high above the coastal bluffs, a testament to the ancient empire of Thassilon which existed here centuries before the current town was settled.


While technically a holding of Magnimar, Sandpoint’s isolated nature provides it a sizable amount of independence. The town is governed by a mayor Kendra Deverin but the four founding families of Sandpoint still hold considerable influence, if not politically then economically.

What Happened Here?

  • It was here we had our first adventure when goblins attacked the town during a fall celebration. That turned out to be a distraction involving Naualia, the Catacombs of Wrath and Lamashtu.
  • You befriended Aldren Foxglove who would later become a murderous manic known as the Skinsaw Man. The head of the cult took refuge below the Shadow Clock in Magnimar.
  • The town was attacked by a group of Stone Giants supported by a single red dragon. They were searching for an acient artificat in the runes of the “Old Lighthouse’. You would later track the giants to ”/wikis/jorgenfist" class=“wiki-page-link”> Jorganfist and bring down their leader, Mokmourian, and his growing army of Stone Giants.


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