Runeforge is a demiplane created by the seven Runelords of ancient Thassilon for the purpose of magical research. Each of the seven Runelords appointed a powerful sorcerer or wizard to live within the Runeforge and perform experimentation. This would be a collaborative effort as each of the seven would meet in the central hub of the Runeforge to exchange ideas and results. Portals to the Runeforge have been lost since the fall of Thassilon.

It’s not known if the original sorcerers and wizards of the Runeforge are still alive. Trapped within the confines of the Runeforge for centuries they may have gone mad, killing each other as they could not escape by any other means. Maybe travelers from other worlds found a way to enter the Runeforge and plundered the halls long ago. However, it is likely that important information on the slumbering Runelords along with their weaknesses is contained within the halls of the Runeforge.

In the year 4717 an adventuring band from Sandpoint discovered a portal to the Runeforge high on the Kodar mountains on a lone peek called RimeSkull. The ancient portal was protected not only by magic ( Sihedron Circle) but an ancient white dragon known as Arkrhyst.



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