Rise of the Runelords

Searching Rimeskull Mountain

Gray ooze, a lost sword and nearly buried alive


During our last game your group was working its way into the Kodar Mountains in search of a specific mountain called Rimeskull. It his here that a secret portal to the RuneForge lay hidden for eons. The well hidden portal is alleged to be located below a familiar artifact on Rimeskull, a massive stone face chiseled from the very mountain side. The face is none other than the Runelord Karzoug who had his image created within the side of the mountain. Within the shadow of this edifice is a large circle of stones known as the Sihedron Circle. It is this you seek and with the proper incantations by Blaze, you will gain access to the RuneForge.

Our last game session ended when your adventuring group just managed to escape from an avalanche as your quest continues to find the Sihedron Circle. Below is a quick recap of other important events that happened during our last game.

Manticore.jpgTo reach your goal your group had to fight a Manticore which had taken over a pride of lions. The former pride-leader, a large and battle worn Dire Lion, spoke to Raehartha about being ousted from his pride. Raehartha convinced the Dire Lion to aid in the attack against the Manticore.

A gray colored ooze was found near the river’s edge which aggressively attacked your group. You also had to fight a shadow figure accompanied by Winter Wolves who wish to take the Sword of the North. At one point you were surrounded by a traveling band of Shoanti from the Wind Clan. They were highly skeptical of your group’s motive so deep within the mountains but Gorgoroth managed to convince them your journey was no direct threat.

Hell-Firian’s Discovery

What was probably the most significant find in the mountain range so far happened when Hell-Firian stumbled upon what appeared to be a tomb long buried in the rocky side of Rimeskull Mountain. It soon became apparent the tomb belonged to the talented and recluse wizard named Balarus Strongsteel. However, his tomb was not the most important discovery. Strongsteel was known for his fine craftsmanship of combining magic with steel. He preferred to work far away from towns and cities of man. Preferring instead isolated locations where he could practice away from curious and often dangerous onlookers. During his life the wizard forged an unknown number of powerful weapons. It was within this tomb you discovered one of those artifacts. Known simply as Sword of the North, its true capabilities are unknown but there is no doubt this is a powerful magical sword.


Your Next Goal

Seek the Sihedron Circle to gain access to the RuneForge. Once inside you are to locate knowledge and weapons that can aid you in defeating the second coming of the most feared runelords, Karzoug.



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