Rise of the Runelords

Gateway To The Runeforge

Game summary for March 15th, 2014

This game summary was provided by Brian. Thanks Brian!

Yesterday’s adventure found us at the top of the Kodar Mountains where seven giant heads made of stone towered above us. Blaze took each of the seven scrolls and cast their magic upon each of the seven stone heads. After the last scroll was cast, there was an ear piercing screech followed by the rumbling of the ground before it fell into silence. There was a glimmer of light at each stone head, and we noticed that the mouths of the statues were open. In each mouth was a large golden key, covered in runes.


As we each took a key, we heard the sound from above. Loud and thundering, it descended upon us at great speed. Wolf spoke with his god and asked for her guidance, but not even her words could prepare us for what would happen next. At the bottom of a large staircase that spiraled up into the clouds we soon found ourselves confronted with Freezemaw, an ice dragon from the barbarian legends.


Raehartha tried speaking with the dragon, but her words could not shake Freezemaw’s attention away from Blaze. Angered by his red dragon blood flowing within him Freezemaw lunged at Blaze, took him into his mouth and flew up the side of the mountain. As they flew to great heights Blaze struggled in the jaws of the mighty ice dragon. Certain his red blooded enemy would fall to his death, Blaze was dropped from his mouth. We weren’t soon forgotten as Freezemaw returned and unleashed several rounds of ice breath upon us. Despite their combined strength, Gorgoroth and Dogen were helpless against the ice dragon since only magic and Hell-Firian’s Sword of the North could inflict any damage upon the beast. In a desperate attempt, Gorgoroth started to intimidate the dragon, recalling the chaos Freezemaw rained down upon the Shoanti ages ago. As the dragon slowly started taking damage, Blaze floated down safely and returned to battle and unleashed his magic upon Freeezemaw. As the dragon bled, with the swirl of his tail he engulfed is in a blinding snowstorm before flying away. We started to slowly make are way up the staircase before we were confronted by several earth elementals.


Despite our confrontation with Freezemaw, we had no trouble dispelling of the earth elementals and we quickly returned them to the very mountain in which they were created. Eventually we reached the top of the stairs where we were standing at the entrance of a giant ice cave, no doubt this was the lair of the ice dragon. Gorgoroth started to intimidate Freezemaw, but there was no response. We sent Raehartha who took the form of a bird to investigate the cave. After returning she informed us that there was a portion of the cave that was in fog and with such extreme cold that it caused physical damage. We slowly made our way thru the cave before Raehartha transformed into a fire elemental which protected us from the extreme cold of the inner portion of the cave. As we moved deeper into the cave we soon came upon a giant hole which went about 100 feet deep into the ground. We knew we had to go down, so with the help from the sorcerer we floated down to the bottom of the pit. Before us we see a large column, with seven holes. We inserted our keys into the column and turned them in unison. The ground began to shake and a bright blue column then appeared. This is what we had been looking for, a gateway to the plane of the Runeforge.


In our moment of triumph we noticed in the distance a slight glimmer. Despite some reservation we went to investigate and soon we were standing in front of a large pile of treasure. Weapons, potions, armor, spells, and gold pieces were quickly being given new owners before we heard a familiar sound. “How dare you steal my treasure!”


Freezemaw had indeed returned and was not about to let us claim his treasure as our own. Raehartha continued to pummel the dragon with crackles of lightning while Hell-Firian used the sword of the North with great skill. Despite our efforts, Freezemaw landed a strike upon Dogen then sent him to the ground, unconscious. Undaunted by our fallen comrad we continued to fight the ice dragon with everything we had until one final blow struck the ice dragon dead. We rushed to the aide of Dogen and brought him back from the brink. We then returned to the treasure pile and took what we needed deciding we can come back for everything else another time. One by one, we entered the blue portal and made our way to plane of the Runeforge…




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